Vehicle Mounted IP MESH

Brand SFGT
Model SFGT-MS0202VMR
Technical details

It's a latest and innovative design from SFGT, a powerful and rugged COFDM IP MESH. With it's robust enclosure and special inside design, this IP MESH with strong shock-proof is typical for armored vehicle mounted application in very harsh environment, like high temperature, alpine zone, complex electromagnetic environment.

With maximum 25W*25W RF output, the robust IP MESH achieved long range over 30km LOS under two MESH nodes. Longer range can be realized with more nodes joint in as repeat function. Like other IP mesh radio family from SFGT, the robust MESH could self-form & manage star, random etc. MESH networking with other MESH nodes from manned vehicle, unmanned vehicle, vessel, soldier etc.. to support a wireless IP video and data seamless communication in a private and small area network.

Self-healing is also an impressive feature of the rugged IP MESH radio. When one of the nodes loses the signal or out of working, the other nodes can re-manage and re-joint in seconds.

RF Features
Frequency Range1.4GHz(Other frequencies are customizable)
RF PowerMax 25W*25W(Tunable)
RF Bandwidth   1.4/3/5/10/20MHz
ModulationCOFDM LTE/FPGA (Optional)
Constellation modulationBPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM(Adaptive)
Transmission RatePeak 40MBPS@30MHZ
Transmission Distance30~50KM(LOS),   10~20km (NLOS)
Networking Capacity32 Nodes
Electric Features
Working VoltageDC28V
Working Current3.5A(Typical Value)
Data Features
Video Input FormatSupport IP Video Input
External PortsRJ45, TTL, PTT
Control FunctionSupport Network Management
EncryptionAES128or User Defined
Built-in ModuleWi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS/Beidou
Physical Features
Protection GradeIP66
Working Temperature-20℃ ~ +55℃
Storage Temperature-50℃ ~ +70℃