Unmanned Systems


SFGT IP MESH technology provides broadband communication link for video and telemetry data of unmanned systems. SFGT has developed the latest MESH radio data link which delivers large throughput, extendable range and robustness to UAV/drone, UGV, and USV wireless transmission scenarios, either point to point, point to multi point, or multi point to multi point with using self-healing, self-managing mesh network.

SFGT IP MESH radio offers reliable full duplex wireless communication link for fast moving UAV/UAS/UGV or drone teams in high speed data and high resolution video transfers in either line of sight (LOS) or non line of sight (NLOS) environment.

UAV applications                                                                       

  • Manned/unmanned teaming                                                 

  • Mapping/Agriculture                                                             

  • Oil/gas/electricity tower/station inspection                           

  • Border surveillance security                                                   

  • Law enforcement                                                                   

  • Relay/range extension                                                           

  • Military/army

UGV applications

  • Manned/unmanned teaming

  • UAV/UGV teaming

  • Bomb detection (IED/EOD)

  • Route clearance

  • Relay/range extension

  • Military combat

USV applications

  • Ship to ship

  • Ship to shore

  • Manned/unmanned team

  • Relay/range extension