Emergency & Public Safety


Public Safety, Resource Protection and Emergency Services is responsible for leadership and strategic guidance in four primary areas: law enforcement, security, intelligence, and technology.

A significant part of the standards work related to public safet is in the need for emergency   communications, being qucik and efficient, which includes many   scenarios ranging from a minor raod traffic accident to a major incident like a terrorist or a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami.

Usually in these emergencies and disaster stricken areas, there is no available communication infrastructure. Also, most of public communication networks cant deal with the large demand for wireless communication. Hence, the first responders can only reply on private and secure microwave wireless communication network.

SFGT IP MESH is a digital MIMO Radio with MANET technology with broadband and great data volume for critical communications. SFGT MESH helps to achieves better results for the Public Safety and Emergency Services community.

Typical Applications

  • Police & Military

  • Ambulance and fire services

  • Security services

  • Utilities & Public access

  • Fleet management

  • Transport services

  • Factory site services

  • Oil & Mining

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